Brazilian Blowout

Do the changing seasons send you rushing to your closet to find a knit cap in winter and a straw hat in summer to hide your frizzy hair? Do you panic at an invitation to go skiing up north or go boating on the lake because you know that no matter how great your hair looks when you start, you will have “frizzy locks” before the day is over? If so, then a Brazilian Blowout may be the hair miracle you’ve been looking for! If your hair is damaged, over-processed, or just plain “frizzy by birth,” you are a good candidate for a Brazilian Blowout that will keep you hair looking luscious and smooth no matter what the weather, or what you’re doing. The treatment can be performed on every hair type–fine, course, curly, or frizzy–and even if your hair has been permed or “Japanese straightened.” In addition, the Brazilian Blowout can actually improve the health of color-treated or highlighted hair by conditioning the hair while sealing the cuticle, which enhances Color, reduces frizz, and brings about radiant shine. In fact, the Brazilian Blowout actually works best on chemically treated hair because it fortifies each hair strand with essential amino acids. It can even be applied directly on top of other relaxers and strengtheners. You could say that just about everyone can benefit from a Brazilian Blowout!

And, there’s even more good news because after your Brazilian Blowout, even though your hair will be totally frizz-free, shiny, and left with plenty of body and bounce that makes for effortless management, you will still have the option to wear your hair curly or wavy (depending on your hair type), as well as the freedom to blow it dry, quickly and easily, into a smooth and straight style.

All this sounds great, doesn’t it? And, it is! But, it’s also nice to know what you can expect from me, your certified Brazilian Blowout stylist in Fenton, MI, when you come in for your smoothing treatment. So, first of all, I’ll shampoo your hair with the specially formulated Brazilian Blowout Anti-Residue Professional Shampoo. This will prepare your hair for optimal smoothing results. Then, after towel drying your hair, I’ll divide it into sections and begin to comb the Brazilian Blowout Professional Treatment through each section from root to tip, giving a light “dusting” to each section with the solution. The solution will surround each hair shaft with protective protein layers to smooth and flatten the cuticle. Then, I’ll blow-dry your hair as straight as possible with a flat or round brush. Once your hair is dry, I’ll divide it into four sections and begin using a flat iron to further straighten it. Once that’s complete, I’ll rinse the hair with clear water, no shampoo, towel-dry it, and then apply the Brazilian Blowout Masque to further seal in the professional formulation. After 60 seconds, I’ll rinse your hair once again and towel dry it. Finally, I’ll apply the Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum to further seal the cuticle and assist in detangling your hair prior to the final blow dry. At last, I’ll  blow dry your frizz-free hair in a smooth, straight style or any other style you desire! All of this only take 90 minutes, start to finish, and you’ll leave the salon with beautiful, smooth, healthy radiant hair!

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